Small Business Saturday results

We had plans to go to another couple’s cabin on Saturday, so we had to do our Small Business Saturday (SMS) shopping in the morning.  The baby was sleeping, so my husband stayed with her while I took care of the shopping.  The store isn’t very big and I know where everything is I was after, so it took all of 20 minutes to get $75 worth of items and head to the check out.  Here is what my shopping cart looked like:

I seperated out the goods on purpose into three piles.  I added up items as I went and made sure there was just at $25 in each pile so I could maximize getting as much as I can while paying as little as possible.  The store was not busy and had two registers open, so when I went to check out, I didn’t inconvenience anyone.  My three totals were $26, $26, and $27 (each with some change).  I paid $5 out of pocket for $80 worth of food and frequent flyer miles and hotel points for the charges!! Happy dance time! The lady at the register didn’t mind.  I told her what I was doing and she commented that she had seen the commericals, but didn’t know how it worked.

The great thing about this promotion is the credit posts almost immediately.  I wasn’t near a computer for awhile, but when I did check my email later that day, I had three emails with the subject line “Thank you for shopping small”.  Simple awesome!!

The three cards I used were:

Starwood Preferred Guest American Express (husband’s)

Starwood Preferred Guest American Express (mine)

Virgin Airlines American Express

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